My first key chain was designed in 2008 as a gift for a friend who adored all things relating to lucky charms.  Elephants with their trunk up have been known for many years now to bring good luck, so this is pretty much how the Lucky Elephant Key chain was born.

Art was my favorite subject at school, craft is still my passion and favorite hobby today.  I love spiritual things and beliefs and affirmations, Buddha’s and sculptures  surround my home and garden …. it brings me such a sense of calm.   I took this love of symbols and beliefs related to luck, kindness, happiness, positive thinking and abundance and incorporated these into my key chains to give them meaning.  I wanted to share my love of craft with others through craft markets and the Bling Delivered website.   Who would have known working with pliers could be so relaxing and therapeutic.

If you believe in the law of attraction, are wanting more courage, faith and hope in your life  …  whether it’s belief, confidence, health, wealth, prosperity, peace,  harmony … this unique range of key chains is designed around all of these positive things !

I truly hope you enjoy this range .

Donna ~ Bling Delivered