Bling  Delivered 

Bling Delivered brings you a beautiful range of hand crafted quality key chains.  This niche range is designed around positive affirmations and beliefs, using different charms, beads, colours and symbols to encourage powerful, positive thinking.

Unique in style & design each key chain has it’s own story incorporated into each individual set.  The lucky elephant charms are positioned perfectly to create a delightful jingle sound while in motion.   Every girl has a set of keys, what a wonderful way to carry these positive reminders with you, each day, as positive thinking really does enhance our lives.

In this hectic fast paced world we live in,  all the stress, anxieties & fears  … these daily reminders keep your mind focused on luck and positivity.

At Bling Delivered we source various quality charms, beads and pieces, in certain sizes & colours, while keeping up with changing trends & fashions.  Our key chains are light in weight,  make the perfect gift for every girl and are made to withstand being dropped or roughed around inside handbags.

I really hope you enjoy this range as much as I enjoy making them  

Donna ~ Bling Delivered


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